Headquartered in Loganville, GA,
Chemical Design Corporation is a successful distributor of polyureas,
polyurea hybrids, polyurethane foams and related services.
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Since 1995, Chemical Design has been committed to distributing high quality products and services.

Chemical Design specializes in products utilizing polyureas, polyurea hybrids, along
with acrylic, silicones, epoxy and urethane primers plus structural resins. Chemical Design
distributes environmentally responsible coatings and resins that meet the diverse needs of the
industrial, commercial, contracting and OEM markets. By distributing unique, user-friendly and
cost effective products that out-perform conventional solvent-based products, Chemical Design
Corporation remains a recognized leader in the polyurea and spray foam insulation market.
Our product line includes various roofing materials, though we have products that expand into
various markets including themed construction, innovative flooring systems, specialty elastomers,
resins and foams for an expanding list of OEM clients. We also serve the residential wall insulation
market by offering 1⁄2 pound open cell foam and 2.0 pound closed cell foam.

We take pride in maintaining prompt and courteous service to
all our customers, which has earned us a strong reputation
in the industry today. Our support staff will be pleased to
answer your questions pertaining to our
products and services.

Call us today at 800-578-8555

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